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Help us help Kamloops.

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The Kamloops This Week Reader Support Program has been a heartwarming success, with nearly 1,100 individual donors coming forward so far to support local news.

Now we’re launching Phase 2 — and it involves giving back!

As part of our mission to connect and inform our community, Kamloops This Week already gives hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in in-kind advertising support to more than 100 non-profit organizations, charities and local events.

To say thank-you to our generous supporters, we’re increasing that commitment to provide a digital advertising package for every donation of $25 or more to a local charity of the donor’s choice, as follows:

$25 – $49

1-week advertising spot on KTW’s daily email newsletter.

(Value: $79)

$50 – $99

5,000 ad impressions on the Kamloops This Week website.

(Value: $115)

$100 – $199

10,000 ad impressions on the Kamloops This Week website.

(Value: $230)


20,000 ad impressions on the Kamloops This Week website

(Value: $460)

That means we’ll be giving over $200,000 more in online advertising to our local charities thanks to the generous support of Kamloops This Week readers like you.

If you make a recurring monthly donation, we’ll count your donation’s value over a full year — if you contribute $5 per month, that’s a $60 donation.

To the nearly 1,100 donors who have already contributed to us: this goes for you as well. We’ll be in contact with all of you who donated through our online support site by email to send you a link to indicate what local charity you’d like to support.

If you donated by phone, mail or drop-off, please call our office at (250) 374-7467 and leave us your name and the local charity you’d like your donation to support.

Donate by Mail or Drop off

1365B Dalhousie Drive,
Kamloops, BC V2C 5P6

Cash or cheque payable to “Kamloops This Week”

Find us on Google Maps

Donate by Phone

(250) 374-7467

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM — 4:30 PM
Credit card payment

Click here to call

Thank you Kamloops
for supporting your local media

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support Kamloops This Week?

A healthy local news business model has multiple revenue streams, supported by both advertisers and readers.

Reader support for our local news outlets is an essential piece to allowing us to continue providing quality journalism to our communities.

Contributing to support local journalism helps fund a professional staff of local journalists who focus on sharing the stories that matter most to our communities.

I already get your content for free, so why would I pay?

We hope you believe in our mission of keeping our community connected and informed and value it in a way that justifies your financial support. Quality local journalism will not survive without the support of its readers.

What will my contribution go towards?

100% of your contribution goes directly towards local journalists, reporting local stories, in our community.

How am I billed for my contribution?

One-time contributions are charged immediately to your credit card.

Monthly contributions are also charged immediately to your card and then subsequently charged on the same day each month or year.

How do I get a receipt for my contribution?

When you contribute, our system will automatically send a receipt to the email address you provide. We are not a charitable organization and this receipt is not tax deductible.

What if I want to cancel my recurring contribution?

You are free to cancel your monthly contribution at any time by emailing

I have a question not listed here. Who should I contact?

We would love to hear from you if you have any further questions. Please contact